Best Korean Dramas of 2023


When looking for the perfect blend of romance and drama, well-crafted stories that address socio-cultural themes and real-life challenges, go no farther than Korean dramas or flicks. As a result, it’s no wonder that Korean cinema has a sizable global fan base that appreciates its remarkable quality. Many viewers are certainly still looking for more Korean films to satiate their insatiable appetite for the kind of drama, revenge, and surprise plot twists that K-dramas are famed for.

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There’s no doubting that the Korean Wave has grown in popularity in recent years. What is it about Korean dramas that makes them so appealing that people can’t get enough of them? Perhaps it’s because their dramas provide the best form of escape, or perhaps it’s because they deliver the most entertaining storylines while not shying away from serious themes. People adore them for all of these reasons and more. This year has already seen a significant number of Korean dramas, and more are set to be released in September 2023. Meanwhile, here’s a list of some of the top K-dramas of 2023 so far.

15) Divorce Attorney Shin (2023)


Cho Seung-woo plays the eponymous role, a pianist-turned-lawyer famed for his brilliance in the courtroom, resolving even the most intricate divorce cases. Unlike other lawyers who accept any case, Attorney Shin needs to connect with his clients before committing to aiding them. This approach stems from his personal experience, which includes a heartwarming anecdote that explains his decision to become a divorce attorney.

This sitcom, like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, combines courtroom drama with just the right amount of comedy and poignant moments. It is a wonderfully engaging show with a fantastic storyline and heartwarming friendship among the characters, making it extremely tempting to watch all 12 episodes in one sitting.

14) Alchemy of Souls (2022-Present)


Alchemy of Souls debuted on Netflix on June 18, 2022, and quickly became a hit. The first part has 20 episodes, while the second part, Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow, aired from December 2022 to January 2023 and had the highest viewership of the series, leaving many fans impressed. As a result, it deserves to be included among the year’s top Korean dramas.

Alchemy of Souls, despite being one of Netflix’s most popular series, may not get a third season. Aside from the apparent on-screen chemistry between the main characters, this Korean fantasy series stands out for avoiding clichés and surprising viewers at every step. It also has amazing cinematography, special effects, costumes, and well-choreographed action scenes.

13) Queenmaker (2023)


In Queenmaker, a strong-willed woman plans to bring down her corrupt and powerful bosses by electing a civil rights lawyer to the position of Mayor of Seoul. This critical decision is the result of an occurrence that compels her to rethink her life choices once she learns she’s been on the wrong path. This series distinguishes out as an engrossing female-led drama that sheds light on themes of power disparities, injustice, and corporate supremacy.

This political vengeance drama manages to keep many invested during its lengthy run with its riveting drama, well-developed characters, and merciless antagonists who will stop at nothing to gain control. The outstanding performances of performers like as Moon Soon-ri, Kim Hee-ae, and Ryu Soo-young, among others, contribute to the show’s brilliance, which is enhanced by Oh Jin-seok’s brilliant direction, which converts this into an immensely compelling K-drama.

12) Mask Girl (2023-Present)


Mask Girl is one of the greatest K-dramas of 2023, thanks to its remarkable character development, well-written storyline, and deep backstories, among other features.Based on a webtoon, this series follows Kim Mo-mi, a young girl who has always wanted to be famous since she was a toddler, but her perceived lack of attractiveness holds her back. In her desire for fame, she uses a mask in her internet videos and quickly becomes a phenomenon.

However, this just serves to throw her life into disarray. While billed as a dark comedy, the K-drama digs quite deeply into gloom, with unexpected twists and turns. It’s a truly unique show that combines dysfunctional family drama, high school drama, and even prison drama.

11) Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022-Present)


Even though it wasn’t released until 2023, this courtroom drama with a strong emotional core continues to win hearts and garner accolades to this day. Extraordinary Attorney Woo stars Park Eun-bin as a clever and eccentric rookie attorney with autism spectrum disorder. While Attorney Woo’s unconventional way of thinking makes her stand out in court, her interpersonal skills are clumsy, and her emotional intelligence meets obstacles.

Viewers obtain a deeper grasp of this misunderstood woman and her internal struggles with her emotions thanks to Park Eun-bin’s outstanding acting. While the program is fascinating and well-written, with distinctive characters, what distinguishes it is its commitment to teaching viewers through entertainment. The program goes to great measures to avoid the romantic clichés that are common in other Korean dramas, and it succeeds in telling a refreshingly distinct story.

10) Agency (2023-Present)

Agency depicts the story of folks navigating a difficult world while driven by a strong desire for success. The trip of Go Ah-in, who comes from an impoverished household, is central to the story. Despite her humble beginnings and lack of a prestigious college education, she works tirelessly to become the first female lead executive at a large advertising agency. As the story progresses, we learn more about her problems working in a male-dominated agency.

Aside from the main character, the K-drama includes numerous side characters, each with their own interesting story, which adds to the overall enjoyment. Its reversal of the conventional boss-secretary romance cliche through the sweet romance between the woman CEO, played by Lee Boo-young, and her charming male secretary, Han Jun-woo, is a striking element. This novel surprise complements the show’s charming and entertaining tone.

9) Bloodhound (2023-Present)


One of the reasons why K-dramas are so popular is their ability to address serious societal issues through well-crafted plots.Bloodhound continues this heritage by highlighting the ongoing fight against societal injustice. Bloodhound depicts the story of three young guys who embark into the industry of money lending while facing off against the rich and powerful who prey on the vulnerable.

This action thriller has no dull moments from start to finish, spanning eight episodes with a total run time of 60 minutes each. The battle sequences are so well-choreographed that it’s clear that the actors and bright brains behind the scenes worked hard to make it feel real and nasty. It is, like many other Korean dramas, a rollercoaster journey with tear-jerker moments that some may enjoy or despise.

8) See You in My 19th Life (2023-Present)


See You in My 19th Life is based on a webtoon of the same name and follows Ban Ji-eum, a woman with the amazing capacity to recall all of her previous incarnations. She starts on a quest to reconnect with individuals from her prior life and reunite with her old lover after her previous existence is cut short by an unforeseen, tragic tragedy. This is one of those stories about the incredible power of love and its ability to transcend geography and time.

While this is a wonderful and passionate epic love story, it also contain the misery, anger, and pain that frequently accompany the search for one’s true love. This program is a feel-good romance with palpable chemistry between the main protagonists, superb cast performances, a moving tale, and splashes of comedy.

7) Love to Hate You (2023-Present)


This rom-com updates the popular fake dating relationship narrative by following the love war between a fiery attorney who despises losing to men and an A-list actor who distrusts women in 2023. While it may appear to be simply another K-drama or rom-com riddled with clichés, this series attempts to break the mold by addressing misogyny and the world’s awful treatment of women through the perspective of the female character.

Love to Hate You, despite being adult and founded in reality, never fails to warm the heart and tickle the funny bone of its viewers. While some have commended it for its fast-paced, fascinating premise, others believe it falls short. Regardless, this is an engaging series that fans of Business Proposal will like.

6) Pandora: Beneath the Paradise (2023-Present)


Pandora: Beneath the Paradise, a riveting retribution thriller, is a must-see for K-drama fans. It tells the narrative of Tae-era, who appears to have a wonderful life until her repressed memories arise. She must now do everything she can to avenge the wrongs done to her while also safeguarding her family.

Because people’s tastes in drama differ, there are already diverse opinions to this TV series. While many have lauded it for its unique blend of action, mystery, and vengeance, others believe the story and drama fall short. Those who enjoy Lee Sang-yoon’s films, on the other hand, will find this one to be a worthwhile addition to their list of must-sees. Many fans are already begging for a new season since it is packed with surprising twists. The show’s renewal for a new season, however, is still pending.

5) The Glory Part 2 (2023)


Moon Dong-eun’s revenge story began with The Glory Part 1, which was released in December 2022, and ended with The Glory Part 2, which was released in March 2023. South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo plays a gloomy character in this film, a departure from her usual theatrical performances. The show received good praise from both reviewers and audiences, earning it a slot on the list of the top Korean dramas of 2023.

This heartbreaking drama follows a former victim of school violence who returns to her past 18 years later, seeking vengeance on those who damaged her life. It is loosely based on a genuine case of bullying that occurred in South Korea in 2006.The Glory Part 2 is a gripping series that shows how retribution can be both sweet and lethal.

4) Crash Course in Romance (2023)

Studio Dragon

It’s common knowledge that South Korean directors excel at creating the best romantic comedies and touching dramas, and this series is no exception.Crash Course in Romance is just the kind of comfort food that many people would appreciate after a hard day. The show deftly balances aspects of thriller, romance, coming-of-age, and mystery, ensuring that there is something for everyone. However, some viewers believe that the crime part overshadows the pleasant side, making the film darker than expected.

Still, other people find the relationship to be genuinely moving, and they enjoy the additional layers of backstory and tension. This hot drama is likely to capture romance fans, leaving them rooting for the main characters as it depicts the charming love tale of a single mother and a celebrity math instructor.

3) Celebrity (2023-Present)


Celebrity provides a tempting insight into the scandalous and alluring world of Seoul’s influencers, as well as the secrets that surround those caught up in it. Park Guy-young portrays a young woman who falls on hard times after her family loses everything. Against all odds, she becomes an internet influencer, and now she must compete fiercely to become the next hottest celebrity in her city.

The show is captivating from beginning to end, with outstanding performances from its cast. There’s no debating that it’s one of the best Korean dramas on Netflix because of how well-written it is and how full of twists and turns it is. Viewers are already awaiting a second season, but there is no word on when it will air.

2) My Liberation Notes (2022-Present)


My Liberation Notes is a well-written slice-of-life drama that debuted in April 2022 and is still dominating talks about well-written Korean dramas in 2023. It is a thought-provoking and realistic drama that resonates with varied viewers, mirroring their own experiences through relatable characters, thanks to its narrative complexity. Because the show deviates from the usual Korean drama pattern, it may not appeal to everyone.

Nonetheless, for those who take the time to grasp the show, it manages to stick with them long after it ends. As it follows four major individuals seeking emancipation from their boring lives and individual problems, the story feels very real. Given that My Liberation Notes and My Mister are both written by Park Hae-young, fans of the former may enjoy this one as well.

1) The Good Bad Mother (2023-Present)

This family melodrama explores the problematic yet endearing connection between a mother and her son, whose upbringing was strict in order to shape him into a stern and successful lawyer. They must try to heal their damaged relationship and find happiness after an occurrence reunites them. The first season has 14 episodes and features complicated characters masterfully brought to life by an amazing ensemble.

As the series progresses, it gets increasingly difficult not to become addicted to it. Just like usual Korean dramas, this one contains the perfect blend of comedy, retribution, thrills, and tragic moments. Though it appears to be a simple show, The Good Bad Mother is so well-crafted that it ends up winning many hearts. This rollercoaster trip causes viewers to laugh, cry, and experience a heartwarming sense.